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Back in the time when the GDR was still exsiting, many of our customers grew up with Filinchen and our long-established company. They remained true to our products even after the fall of the Berlin Wall and during the time Germany was reunified. For this reason, our company was able to sustain its position.

We are thankful to everyone who is looking into our products and does not hesitate to ask and think faithfully about one or another question. We are aware about the situation we are in and the responsibilities that comes with it. That’s why we are continuously working on optimizing our products. During that process we try to include subjects concerning issues as health, environmental protection and economy as good as possible.

In case you have something in mind you would like to share with us feel free to do so. With your concerns and ideas, you can help us to get even better!

Palm oil – a safe oil thanks to professional processing!

Palm oil is extracted from the reddish pulp from fruits of the oil palm. The fruits of the oil palm are growing in big bundles and one single bundle can weigh up to 40 kg. The fruits themselves are barely the size of a grape, but very rich in oil. Compared to other oil cops it is much more productive. The palm fruits are harvested and transported to our supplier and their mills, the oil is extracted as quickly as possible. To do so, the fruits are heated up with steam and then the oil is squeezed out. Following the received oil is processed and refined under controlled temperature conditions.

Arrived at our production facilities, the palm oil is subject to some strict quality controls. With the following processing we guarantee that the oil is neutral in taste and odor. As result we can warrant that only high-quality palm oil is used in our recipes.


Why do we use palm oil?

Palm oil has two major advantages compared to other oils. Firstly, it is completely neutral in taste and secondly it has a firm consistency and is still spreadable at room temperature. Because of these properties it is suitable for products, where otherwise a hardened or animal fat would be used. Due its good processing properties palm oil is used to manufacture margarine, chocolate creams, cocoa glazes, ice cream confectionery and so on all over the world.

In our product we only use sustainable produced palm oil, which is certified by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) up to a 100%. Which means, that our palm oil is separated from the conventional palm oil throughout the whole supply chain to guarantee quality and sustainability. The goal of the RSPO is, to define international standards for the certification of the production and the processing of palm oil. Those standards are based on criteria concerning ecological and social sustainability, such as preventing the destruction of rainforest, preserving biodiversity and protecting communities which are originated in those areas.

more Inforamation about the RSPO

Despite the mentioned properties and the use of certified palm oil we are looking for solutions and alternatives continuously. In all our new products we try to exchange the palm oil. For example the new Filinchen Cubellis Raspberry and Coca pieces and Filinchen Cubellis Choko-Crisppearls are free from palm oil already.


The packaging of our products has to do many jobs at the same time: it needs to keep the product  safe from loss of freshness and quality, it makes hygienic storing possible and contains every single important information about the product. Portioning and precise measuring is only possible because of the packaging. Furthermore the packaging is needed for transportation so the product reaches its destination unspoilt and neat.

Nevertheless we are always trying to keep the impact on environment as low as possible and reduce packaging waist. As a matter of fact we listened the thickness of our used films to a minimum. We also use materials which can be 100% recycled.

Another frequently discussed topic is the matter of a resealable packaging. Unfortunately this topic is a very delicate one, an improvement is beneficial but associated with additional costs.

A solution would be a multi-cycle system which contains the returning of used packages back to us so we can fill them again. But this alternative has other problems, like an additional transportation of empty packages, sterilization of the packages and so on. This whole process involves additional pollution, water and electricity consumption. This is why using recycled films is not as bad as it seems concerning environmental aspects.

We are also working on opening the packaging. Here in particular, an improvement in handling also means an increase in the packaging volume – and thus more packaging waste again.

For us, the current goal is to design the necessary packaging film as thin as possible. Therefore, we forego any special marketing elements such as paper optics or exceptionally artistic packaging designs. Because only one micrometer less film saves tons of waste over the year.

If our 100% recyclable packaging (film) is disposed of correctly in the yellow bin, it can be reused for the production of new film. Your participation therefore makes a significant contribution to minimizing the environmental impact.