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About Filinchen

A conscious nutrition – light, delicious and so easy: Filinchen. A little something for now and then, the whole day. Flavor with a few calories per slice: Filinchen shows it’s working. Waffle Crisp Breas are available in many different variations for the whole family: Lower Carb for a nutrition reduce in carbohydrates, wholegrain for a conscious enjoyment and Cubellis or Pixels to snack something.

“Filinchen is lighter than ordinary crisp bread and beaked in a waffle iron.”

Did you already do a little crunching today? Filinchen stands for enjoyment with a good conscious.

The first special feature: the batter is sprayed onto the waffle iron and baked there.

With our Filinchen we spray the liquid dough through small nozzles onto the waffle iron and bake the dough for three to four minutes before we cut and pack the Filinchen plates. Since the nozzles are only two millimeters in size, there are no grains directly in the Filinchen dough.

The second feature: the raw materials - more variety in flour

For Filinchen we mainly use type 550 wheat flour, which we supplement with rye flour, soy flour or oat flour, depending on the range. No yeast is used in our Filinchen.

We use small amounts of sodium hydrogen carbonate and potassium carbonate as raising agents.

The third feature: Savory or sweet - Filinchen matches with any spread and also tastes "pure"

Filinchen are not only savory delight (e.g. with sausage and cheese), but also sweet (e.g. with honey and jam). A Filinchen is light and tastes good in betweeneven  without any toppings.

The fourth feature: the tender bite

For every taste
Our waffle crisp bread is available in many different variations. The original Filinchen has had fans since the 1960s. The classic baked with butter is a real all-rounder – whether for breakfast, as a snack in between, sweet or savory.

Always there!
Lots of taste, fewer calories per slice, fits in every pocket: Filinchen Cubellis are particularly ideal as a snack between meals – in the delicious flavors.

Big cinema – for a change with our Filinchen Pixels

The nibble for movie night – with a little difference: The particularly crispy and heartily spiced Filinchen pieces are available in three different flavors: tomato & peppers, herbs and barbecue.

Conscious nutrition - a Filinchen always tastes

Filinchen combines traditional craftsmanship with the most modern nutritional concepts. No matter if lower carb, low fat or weight watchers – a Filinchen always works. Our waffle crisp breads support conscious nutrition, also as part of a diet. Even if you suffer from gluten or lactose intolerance, you are always on the right side with Filinchen.

The origins of our waffle bread go back to the baker and confectioner Oskar Kompa, who opened a bakery and confectionery in the small town of Apolda in Thuringia in 1946.

In 1956 Oskar Kompa developed a new type of product, a specialty that he tenderly named “Filinchen” after a friend from his youth – crispy, fresh and unique in its recipe and manufacturing process. In 1952 a forerunner was called “Leichtkostschnitte” (“light food slice), before Filinchen came onto the market as waffle crispbread. The tender cuts were very popular as diet food under the keyword “Gesundbrot”  (“healthbread”) from the start and were also scarce in the GDR.

Neither crisp bread nor waffles: Filinchen is a crispy bread baked in a waffle iron.

Our company has been developing successfully under the company name GUTENA (an abbreviation for GUTE NAhrung [Good Nutrition]) for the seventh decade. With its uniqueness, Filinchen has managed to cross regional borders as a branded product. Filinchen has long since become a popular food in consumer markets in western Germany.

In a symbiosis of traditional manufacturing processes and modern technology, we have been producing our waffle crisp bread since 1998 at our new company headquarters in Apolda.

GUTENA underpins our high quality standard with a certification according to the International Featured Standards – Food (IFS, Version 6). We are also a member of the BDSI Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry e.V.

Filinchen Vital, fiber, whole grain, chia & sesame or gluten-free – our crispy bread fits the trend towards healthy eating as a crispbread alternative: eat vitally, stay fit and yet something for the small hunger in between.

With Filinchen Das Abendbrot – Lower Carb, we go one step further: fewer carbohydrates, more protein and fiber. Filinchen Lower Carb can be easily integrated into a conscious diet.

Good nutrition also depends on controlled production – organic products have been on the rise for many years. Try our Filinchen Organic Spelt: We use 100 percent spelt flour, from controlled organic farming, for the production.

We appeal to youngest Filinchen lovers with our Filinchen Snacks in the flavors Milk Cream, Chocolate Cream, Blueberry and Lemon. They are very suitable for kindergarden or school and are also well received by the grown-ups.

We have a new addition to our range of our hearty Filinchen Pixels in the flavors tomato paprika, herbs and barbecue. These are ideal with cheese, wine or beer as well as for dipping.


  • Oskar Kompa opens a bakery and confectionery in Apolda
  • Fresh baked goods are produced in the craft business, e.g. B. bread, rolls, and cakes


  • Start of industrial waffle production
  • The waffle range: Dry waffles for ice cream, ice cream cones, Viennese bowls, low-fat and low-protein filled waffles, carrots’ kisses, wafers for making gingerbread and Christmas biscuits


  • The production of diet products is added
  • The diet range: Light food slices, Filinchen waffle crisp bread, flat bread for diabetics, rusks for diabetics, Sorowena slices, Okona bread, children’s food, whole grain food, diabetic food, wheat germ, gluten-free and low-protein flour mix


  • The private company GUTENA – owners Oskar and Martha Kompa – is converted into a company with state participation


  • The Kompa family moves to West Germany – the German Investment Bank becomes the sole shareholder of the company


  • Specialization in diet products


  • GUTENA becomes a state-owned company


  • GUTENA GmbH is established – the Treuhand (trust agency) becomes the sole shareholder


  • Privatization of the company; The owner becomes the WHG Wirtschaftsberatungs- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH based in Halle with the managing partner Dr. Michael Heinemann
  • All waffle crisp bread products receive the brand name “Filinchen”


  • New Filinchen products are added: natural, taco, garlic, onion, herbs from Provence


  • Quality management: Certification according to DIN 9002


  • We are celebrating an anniversary: 50 years of baked goods from Apolda
  • New packaging and new names for Filinchen products: Vital-Schnitte, Diät-Schnitte, Knusper Filinchen, Vital Filinchen and Diät Filinche


  • In Apolda a new company building is built; In our 1,300 square meter production facility, we have modern dough mixing systems, automatic baking machines and packaging lines to bake, cut and pack filinchen. To date, we have been producing around 80,000 parcels a day.


  • Mini-Filinchen – a new product group comes onto the market


  • We present another new development – Sonni Filinchen


  • Always up to date in terms of quality: Certification according to ISO 9001: 2000
  • New development of the products Filinchen WellnessACTIVE and Filinchen BallaststoffACTIVE
  • Knusper Filinchen, Vital Filinchen, Diät Filinchen, Mini Filinchen and Sonni Filinchen are getting new packaging


  • Dr. Michael Heinemann takes over the management


  • New names and packaging for Filinchen products: Filinchen Original, Filinchen Vital and Filinchen Ballaststoff
  • Launch of the product Filinchen Diet with buckwheat
  • Filinchen Original, Vital, Diet and Dietary Fiber are now also available as double slices


  • Launch of the product Filinis apple


  • Launch of the organic Filinchen spelt and Filinchen Cheese in three flavors
  • In new packaging with a new name: Filinchen herbs
  • Bread Cracker Cheese is new on the market


  • Filinis are now called Mini Filinchen; they are available in folding boxes with three packs each
  • The successful Mini Filinchen Kunterbunt promotional item becomes a standard product
  • Launch of Filinchen Whole Grain


  • Launch of the Filinchen wellness bars in the varieties cranberries and apple-passion fruit


  • Filinchen Gluten- & Lactose-Free is being added to the product portfolio


  • New introduction of Filinchen Das Abendbrot – Lower Carb


  • Filinchen Vegan is a new addition to the range


  • Launch of the product Filinchen Chia and Sesame


  • Expansion of the snack range, both sweet and savory: Filinchen snacks filled with milk or chocolate cream and Filinchen Pixels in the flavors herbs, tomato-peppers and barbecue
  • Opening of the new hall with a new production line and large warehouse

At the beginning of production, we mix all the ingredients into a liquid dough.

Then the mixed dough is dosed into the waffle iron and baked in the oven for about 3 to 4 minutes.

The fully baked Filinchen plates then cool down briefly before being cut to the known size and packaged.

Before cutting, all refined filinchen are sprayed with invert sugar syrup or coconut fat and then sprinkled with various raw materials (e.g. spices, sunflower seeds or colorful sprinkles).